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Catherine Ross, RN,BSN

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I have a variety of options to choose from. Where are you right now with your:

Weight, eating habits, finding healthy options, food shopping with confidence?

These are just some of the many areas you and I will be learning together!

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I became interested in health and nutrition  during my Emergency Room nursing practice, where I began to witness first hand how much nutrition plays a role in disease and lifestyle. My career as a Registered Nurse fueled my passion to become a health coach. This was the perfect fit for educating schools, workplaces, individuals  and families.

 “Thanks so much for my first session, my daughters loved it, I can’t wait for next one!” -A.J. 

 “After my sessions with Cathy, I quickly learned how to change the way I ate without dieting! I lost a total of 24 pounds in just 4 months and no longer take blood pressure and cholesterol meds and have continued to maintain my weight!  Thank you Cathy!”  -M.B.

 “I just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge, after my last blood work my numbers have dropped and I was told if I keep it up I will no longer be pre-diabetic. Knowledge is power!”-R.A.